The Corrective Movements and Fitness Exercises workshop was a comprehensive and informative event.

With Mohammad Sadeghzadeh’s expertise in exercise physiology and corrective exercise instruction, participants learnt how to perform movements and exercises correctly and safely.

“ the focus on preventing spine and joint complications is crucial for maintaining overall health and reducing the risk of injuries. Mohammad Said.”

Therefore, participants also benefited from learning corrective and rehabilitation movements to reduce chronic joint pains and improve muscle efficiency. The inclusion of special exercises for women before, during, and after pregnancy was a thoughtful addition that highlighted the importance of women’s health and wellness. Overall, this workshop provided valuable information and practical skills for individuals looking to improve their fitness and prevent injuries. Participants have left with a better understanding of how to move their bodies in a way that promotes health and well-being.
Workshop Topic: Corrective exercise and fitness movements
Date: Sunday 16th April 2023
Educator: Mohammad Sadegh Zadeh
Handlers: Sedi Smith and Mahshid Babzartabi
Duration: 2 hours
Participants: 23
Location: 1/79 Mahoneys Rd, Forest Hill VIC 3131