Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Australian Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV) feels obliged to prioritise its services to its members and considers extending its services to non-members if possible. All members of the community are welcome to join and they can apply for membership by completion of relevant form and payment of annual membership fees for a calendar year (January to December).

Some of the benefits of membership of AISOV include:

  • Priority in purchasing tickets of various events organised by AISOV (New Year Celebration, Mehregan Celebration, …)
  • Eligibility for discount ticket fees for members
  • Priority in registering for specialised seminars
  • Receiving Golbang monthly magazine for free
  • Receiving special invitation for celebrations such as Chaharshanbeh Soori and Sizdah Bedar

As AISOV is a not-for-profit organisation, regular payment of annual membership by members will improve financial status of AISOV and enables it to offer high quality services to the members.


Annual membership fee for a single person is $30 and for a family (including 2 adults) is $50.